About us

Reveron Electronics Inc. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is an automobile and custom electronics shop. We sell and install all brands of major equipment such as audio/video, remote starters, and security systems.

Our specialty is integrating aftermarket equipment into your automobile so that it’s customized according to your needs. Make your vehicle a rolling entertainment center with automotive electronics from our company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can also raise your level of cool by investing in one of our late model motor scooters. Customization is available based on your specific requests.

Money Transfers 
If you need money to pay for your services, you can receive it through us. We offer money transfers to and from locations worldwide using CheckFree Pay transactions. All you need is a state ID. Service includes money orders, faxes, and photocopies.

Custom Sounds n Security Systems

Give your ride custom sound and security by contacting us today at (717) 299-9587.
Your favorite tunes sound truly awesome with custom electronics from our company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Reveron Electronics offers everything from state-of-the-art CD players to speakers. We even have security systems to help you protect your investment.